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For over 20 years, OANDA has been the gold standard in FX data, providing a true reflection of the market at any point in time

Market Maker vs. Rates Aggregator

When companies entrust critical business functions to be supported by external FX providers, it’s important to have a partner that provides reliable and accurate solutions. Discover whether your provider is a rates aggregator or a market maker, like OANDA.

Price Construction
OANDA (FX Market Maker)
Our technology compiles data and applies a series of proprietary algorithms to create a price with the highest degree of accuracy.
Forms an “indicative” price that may not reflect the real transactional market.
Data based on actual trades
OANDA (FX Market Maker)
Accesses real-time FX data from all major participants in the interbank market.
Acts as a “pass-through” for exchange rates data, leaving it susceptible to price variances.
OANDA (FX Market Maker)
Prices are based on real exchanges, always providing an accurate view of the market.
Risks exposure to inaccurate prices or “spikes” that may be passed through to the end user.
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API Comparison

Side-by-side comparison for OANDA’s Exchange Rates API vs other competitors.


    Our API starts at $4,500/year for the basic plan. We also offer custom plans with multiple add-ons such as real-time rates, tick-by-tick data, and our FX Order Book to fit any unique FX data needs.

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