US Interest Rates

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Interest Rates

Indicator    Date Change
AAA Corporate Bond Yield 3.53 Oct 6, 2016 +2.00 bps
BAA Corporate Bond Yield 4.36 Oct 5, 2016 +1.00 bps
Discount Rate 2.25 Oct 31, 2019 -25.00 bps
Federal Fund Target Rate 0.25 Dec 16, 2008 -75.00 bps
Federal Funds Effective Rate 1.55 Nov 6, 2019 -1.00 bps
Yield Curve 1m 1.59 Nov 15, 2019 -- 
3m 1.56 Nov 15, 2019 -1.00 bps
6m 1.57 Nov 15, 2019 -- 
1y 1.59 Nov 15, 2019 +1.00 bps
2y 1.54 Nov 15, 2019 -1.00 bps
3y 1.61 Nov 15, 2019 +3.00 bps
5y 1.61 Nov 15, 2019 +2.00 bps
7y 1.65 Nov 15, 2019 +2.00 bps
10y 1.75 Nov 15, 2019 +2.00 bps
20y 1.84 Nov 15, 2019 +2.00 bps
30y 2.16 Nov 15, 2019 +1.00 bps
LIBOR Yield Curve o/n 0.15600 Mar 21, 2013 +0.10 bps
1w 0.17520 Mar 21, 2013 +0.15 bps
2w 0.18690 Mar 21, 2013 +0.10 bps
1m 0.20420 Mar 21, 2013 -0.05 bps
2m 0.24300 Mar 21, 2013 -- 
3m 0.28410 Mar 21, 2013 -- 
4m 0.33310 Mar 21, 2013 -- 
5m 0.39090 Mar 21, 2013 -0.05 bps
6m 0.44740 Mar 21, 2013 -0.05 bps
7m 0.50270 Mar 21, 2013 -0.05 bps
8m 0.54940 Mar 21, 2013 -0.05 bps
9m 0.59020 Mar 21, 2013 -0.30 bps
10m 0.63480 Mar 21, 2013 -0.10 bps
11m 0.68550 Mar 21, 2013 -0.10 bps
1y 0.73550 Mar 21, 2013 -0.15 bps
Prime Rate 4.75 Oct 31, 2019 -25.00 bps
TED Spread 0.2100 Mar 21, 2013 -- 
The interest rate is the cost associated with borrowing money; that is, the price of credit. In a loan transaction, the lender gives up the immediate use of funds to the borrower. In return, the lender receives compensation (interest), in addition to the eventual full repayment of the loan amount. Interest is expressed as a percentage of the loan amount. Setting interest rates is the primary monetary policy tool available to central banks to manage open market economies.

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